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Every year thousands of people in Illinois are the victims of animal attacks – most often dog bites.  Unfortunately, many of those victims are children. These attacks take only seconds to happen, but the effects change lives forever. Dog Bite Law Illinois was founded by Matthew Nagel and the BiState Injury Law Center to educate the victims of dog bites about the dog bite law in Illinois, their rights and help with any injury claim they may have.

What Is The Dog Bite Law In Illinois?

Dog bite law in Illinois are controlled by three things:

  • Illinois Animal Control ActIllinois Animal Control Act
  • Illinois Dog Bite LawsMunicipal Codes
  • Illinois Dog Bite CasesIllinois Case Law

You may click on any of the three areas to learn more about the Illinois dog bite laws and how the law affects your dog bite case.

Injuries From Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Questions About Illinois Dog Bite Claims?

Dog bite injuries and damage caused by other animal attacks often pose unique problems for doctors.  The BiState Injury Law Center works with the victims of dog attacks every day to help them understand their injuries and their legal options.

  • Illinois Dog Bite InjuriesScarring From Dog Bites
  • Dog Bite InfectionInfection After Attack

  • Illinois Dog Bite LawyerPain and Suffering
  • Illinois dog Bite AttorneyDeath

Victims Of Dog Bites In Illinois

Understanding the Risks of Animal Attacks

Dogs and other animals attack for a number of reasons: protection of property, food, or of another person, they may be trained for aggression, or the animal may feel threatened.  While everyone is at risk from a dangerous animal, certain groups are potentially in greater danger or more likely to be attacked by a dog:

  • Children
  • Illinois Dog Bite VictimElderly
  • Illinois Dog Bite AttackPostal Workers
  • Dangerous Dog BreedsDangerous Dog Breeds

What Should I Do After A Dog Bite?

Protecting yourself and your case after a dog bite

Perhaps the #1 Question people ask lawyers: “What is my Illinois dog bite case worth?”

- – Find out the value of your Dog Bite Case.

The #2 Question: “What should I have done differently after the attack?”

- – Read about What To Do After A Dog Bite.
The value of your Illinois dog bite claim is highly dependent on what you did after the attack happened and how quickly you put an Illinois Dog Bite Attorney to work on the case.  Please read more about what you should do after a dog bite and what questions you should be asking your lawyer.

Victim Resources

Below are resources you can use to educate yourself before and after an attack to protect your family

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